Our Story

At Vossen Automotive we strive to provide the automotive industry with high quality products especially developed to respect both people and the environment. Our starting point is the problem or the question that you are facing in your business. Vossen Automotive is a one-stop-shop for the cleaning, lubrication and conservation of cars as well as workplaces, we provide an answer to all your questions. Vossen Automotive is able to help you in various situations such as the protection of your car’s electrical components to the removal of unpleasant odour in your car’s interior. We do not only provide the most effective products, we also guarantee that they are of ISO Certified Quality. Above all, we value the interests of our customers. This is reflected both in our price policy as well as the value we attach to creating durable and value-adding relationships with our customers. This is also the reason why we have chosen to have for two product ranges: one for consumers – offering products in smaller quantities, and one for professional users – offering larger quantities. 

40 Years In Business

Vossen Automotive is a part of Vossen Laboratories Int. B.V. We started off as a small family business, but over the course of the past 40 years we have grown out to be one of the most influential companies when it comes to high quality cleaning, lubrication and preservation products that are durable and greener. Vossen Laboratories is active in Europe, Africa and Asia and covers the following industries: professional cleaning, construction industry, pharmaceuticals, food, metal, non-food, marine, agriculture and horticulture. By forging durable relationships with our customers, we have been on the forefront of ‘going greener’ for many years.

We Value The Environment

When working with various chemical products specific to the automotive industry, you might not always realise that working with these products could be harmful to both yourself and the environment. That’s why Vossen Automotive works with products that are effective for the job at hand, yet respecting people and the environment. Not important? We think otherwise. The current movement that is driving us towards a greener economy is undeniable. The various economic incentives and political initiatives force us all to work move our way of working towards this direction. At Vossen Automotive, we strongly believe that this movement will only gain importance in the future. That’s why this is also a question that you should ask yourself: How do I make my business successful, yet still respecting respect future generations and the planet? Vossen Automotive seeks to help you answer this complex question. Due to the concentration of our products, they are not only eco-friendly, you’ll also need less product, by which they last longer. Want to give it a try? 

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